Where Our Botanicals Come From

Part of living a PurePower life is taking an inside out approach to holistic health, wellness and performance in order to fulfill our highest potential.

This philosophy is the foundation for all of our supplement formulations.

Our botanicals are specially selected with the utmost care and attention to provide you with the finest tools you need to increase your overall well-being. 

To create our unique formulations, we worked over the course of months and months with a long-standing and highly respected herbalist, who has a similar approach. He believes every ingredient should have a specific purpose within the formulation to work harmoniously with the other natural ingredients.

The herbs, enzymes, and minerals in our products are sourced from the best locations all over the world. They incorporate elements from Ayurvedic, Chinese, and European traditions while incorporating cutting-edge scientific research.

We use only the highest quality ingredients from certified suppliers and always follow current Good Manufacturing Process standards to ensure that our product manufacturing exceeds all quality controls.

The mainstay and foundational ingredient of PurePower is our full-spectrum Performance Hemp. Our herbalist, Kelly Goyen, agrees that the role of full-spectrum hemp oil is to “promote a natural and appropriate inflammation response.” To ensure this, we only extract oil from plants that are specifically chosen for their high cannabidiol and low-THC traits. Our hemp is sourced from a Colorado craft grower with decades of experience raising plants that express these key genetic traits without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Sourcing our hemp was a critical part of this effort, and yet finding a top-notch small-batch grower is just step one in producing quality, highly bioavailable hemp oil. Beyond that step, PurePower’s Performance Hemp goes through an exclusive, extra gentle vapor extraction process that retains nearly all of the plant’s nutrient-dense cannabinoids.

Once extracted, it is combined with a Liposomal Phosphatidylcholine Complex that helps make sure the body can best absorb the cannabinoids and do so quickly. This greatly increases our hemp’s effectiveness, making it truly unique, and what separates PurePower’s hemp from other hemp-derived CBD supplements on the market.

The end result is something that even surprised Kelly.

“Quite frankly our standards aren’t limited to specifications printed on paper. Transparency has to be balanced with experience and reality, and PurePower’s hemp works better than any other hemp extract we have ever seen”.

Additionally, PurePower’s lab independently verifies the ingredients in our formulations to ensure they are active and nutrient-rich. The lab fosters strong relationships with our herb and botanical partners, some for more than 30 years. They can tell you the about the growers who cultivate our milk thistle, and the turmeric grown in India as well as the cordyceps grown in the United States by cultivators who studied how to do so in Tibet.

“We’ve sourced everyone of the ingredients in PurePower’s Inside-Out Complexes with the same thoughtful intent we did with PurePower’s craft Colorado hemp,” says Goyen, who has more than four decades of experience. “We could buy ingredients from 50 to 200 suppliers, but we use only one or two that we feel meet our standards”.

The PurePower System was created on the premise that tapping into plant medicine is the best way to help customers holistically achieve optimal health and high performance. Some of the ingredients are included solely to assist the body with processing the active oils which allows the body to fully utilize the oil’s nutrients.

For instance, thistle seed and sunflower lecithin help the liver process and fully utilize the nutrients in the full-spectrum hemp oil, which as a lipid are harder for the body to digest. The result of combining these synergistic plants is greater absorption of the nutrients in the hemp oil so the body quickly recovers and you get more of the benefits you invested in.

One example: green tea extract. Green tea is included for its immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits while providing long-lasting energy that won’t lead to a crash like most energy supplements. This PurePower approach isn’t a quick-fix like caffeine, but instead delivers sustained and consistent fuel by enhancing energy production within the mitochondria at the cellular level

Our transparency at PurePower extends beyond the active ingredients. To fill each capsule, supplement makers often include a filler, which is usually under the guise of  “other ingredients”. The filler is part of the manufacturing process to make a consistent product, both in dosage and weight. But these fillers can have side effects. Magnesium stearate is commonly used to fill capsules due to its ability to work well with the encapsulation machinery. Although magnesium stearate has been deemed safe by the FDA, some have been shown to be sensitive to it and it may impede nutrient absorption. To mitigate this ambiguity, we use rice bran, the nutrient-rich shell around rice, to include a protein-rich ingredient that serves two purposes with no side effects.

We’re proud of every step that goes into making the PurePower System. We focus first and foremost on quality of ingredients and care in production. We don’t cut corners and we’re not looking for the quick fix or just following the latest CBD craze. This methodical and long term approach is the same that we use with our health and well-being, and the result is a thoughtful, premium line of the world’s most potent hemp products that deliver powerful, positive benefits over the long-term.