What Is the “Supershroom” Cordyceps? And Why Are More and More Athletes Using It?

Cordyceps, which is now being recognized as a superfood, has been around for a very long time. 

Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have long known the value of Cordyceps, and have used it to boost vitality and resilience for centuries.

But wait — what exactly is Cordyceps? And why should we care? Well, besides being one of the preferred organic ingredients in our Inside-Out Complex©, which we use in conjunction with organic, full-spectrum hemp, Cordyceps is a mushroom, and a pretty interesting one, too. Cordyceps is a genus of fungi that includes nearly 400 different species and can be found all around the world, particularly in high mountain regions. Parasitic in nature, Cordyceps rely on a particular type of caterpillar, which they infect and eventually ingest.  

The reason why cordyceps is garnering so much attention in the world of athletic performance is because studies show that ingestion of it can lead to improved performance in major areas:

  • Endurance: Enhanced endurance through improvements in glycogen usage during prolonged exercise.

  • Fatigue: Greater resistance to fatigue through improved cardiovascular performance.

  • Anaerobic: Boosted metabolism through improved lactate clearance.

  • Energy: More energy through the increased production of the Adenosine triphosphate complex (ATP), which is responsible for delivering energy to cells, muscles, and nerves.

Cordyceps is also thought to carry adaptogenic properties, similar to ginseng and ashwagandha. Adaptogens are said to exert resistance to various types of stress, trauma, anxiety, and bodily fatigue, as well as promote normalization within the body.

Cordyceps ability to increase oxygen capacity and ATP production in cells makes it an adaptogen particularly suited for endurance athletes, particularly when paired with hemp extract which by itself has been shown to boost mitochondria (i.e. energy production) at the cellular level. These types of herbs have been used together for thousands of years in traditional natural medicine to support mental and physical stamina, vitality and immunity.

Most of the modern scientific research on Cordyceps so far has been done on animals, but the results are promising, and nutritionists are starting to pay attention. Celebrity doctor Andrew Weil says that, “Cordyceps is one of my preferred dietary supplements for a natural energy boost.”

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