Wednesday Wisdom- Recovery


Recovery from a mindset perspective requires that we become more mindful about recovery. We need to be more aware of and connected to our bodies to know when to push harder or when to back off and recover. It’s critical to listen to and recognize our body’s signals and cues – and then be disciplined about honoring what is going on inside of us.



Recovery in the context of movement may seem counter-intuitive. However, to aid our body in getting back to baseline we need to detox and reboot – mentally, physically and emotionally. Among other ways to detox, it’s important to stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce lactic acid build-up and tame inflammation.



Nourishment in terms of recovery can branch into many different facets. This month we’re going to cover the importance of nourishing, deeply restorative sleep, connecting with friends and family, as well as connecting with ourselves through nature. Finding ‘quiet’ to aid in our recovery. 

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