Wednesday Wisdom: The Origin of PurePower

Happy Wednesday! Today’s Wednesday Wisdom features our founder, Don McLaughlin, during his recent hike through beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park, CO. Don discusses the origin of PurePower and his personal connection to powerful super herbs and plant extracts.


So, what’s Don’s backstory behind PurePower?

Several primary experiences guided Don to the idea of creating PurePower.

  1. First, Don’s recovery from several difficult times in his life. About 15 years ago Don nearly lost his right kidney after suffering a stress-related bacterial infection. Don’s treating Urologist planned to remove his right kidney due to the damage caused by the infection. On the recommendation of a close friend, Don went to see a Naturopathic doctor who put him on a number of herbs to support his kidney. When Don went for a follow up renal scan his Urologist was shocked to find his right kidney was suddenly stronger than his left. “This proved to me that there is real power in alternative herbal medicines that had been used for millennia but are often overlooked in modern healthcare.” This experience helped Don more recently when he experienced burnout, depression, and adrenal fatigue as a corporate lawyer and CEO of a consulting firm, which led him to begin integrating hemp extract and other super herbs into his daily routine.
  2. Even further back, when Don was just 10 years old, his mother turned to the vitamin bible and related natural health solutions (in part to limit doctor bills for a large family of 9). This planted a seed early on about how to take responsibility for one’s health and well-being. Don states, “If we can balance the mind and body on a regular basis to really reset and nourish it deeply, it will take care of us and we don’t have to constantly chase the latest medical breakthrough, popular diet or magic pill. And my experience shows me that specific herbs and vital minerals can help us more easily make those lifestyle changes, eat healthier, and feel much stronger and more resilient.”

If you found this week’s article interesting, make sure to tune in next week with Don for another Wednesday Wisdom!

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