Wednesday Wisdom- Nourish with Mother Nature

Science has proven that there are many different physiological benefits tied to spending time in nature. Whether its reducing cortisol levels or cultivating our microbiome, ultimately nature has a special way of quieting us down and allowing us to connect more deeply with ourselves and others

The pace of modern life is far more frenzied (and potentially more harmful to your health) than the natural elegance found in nature. 


‘Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.’

-Lao Tzu

We need to often unplug from our busy lives and reconnect with this natural elegance in nature, which we can plug into by getting outside more frequently. We then slowly bring the pace of nature into our everyday lives which helps us better manage the usual stressors with a more calm and centered mind. 

We encourage you to step out of the everyday routine, into Mother Nature, and make sure to bring loved ones along to experience it together. You’ll bring back a little more peace than you started with.