Wednesday Wisdom- Movement

“To me, if life boils down to one thing, it’s movement. To live is to keep moving.” -Jerry Seinfeld

Movement is increasingly important and vital in our modern society where we are often hostages to screens and sitting at desks. Our May Movement series will explore how movement and exercise helps us physically and mentally, and tips and strategies for making it a regular habit.

You probably know that physical movement is important for health, so we want to dig deeper. We’ve got some special, exciting things lined up this month, including exclusive Q&As with some of our PurePower Pro athletes (some of whom are also busy parents).

We’ll be going in-depth on how best to make movement a regular habit, the importance of getting exercise outdoors in nature and the critical importance of breath, blood flow, and circulation to increasing our vitality.

While we all probably value vitality and longevity, without consistent movement and exercise we’ll continue to struggle and experience less joy in life.

Next week we’re going to be sharing our exclusive Q&A with former Olympic trials runner and now professional Spartan racer and American Ninja Warrior, and new mom, Rose Wetzel. Rose uses her platform to educate and elevate others about health and fitness, and she wants to encourage and empower everyone to reach their highest potential.

Stay tuned for the exciting things lined up in May to help you keep moving!