Wednesday Wisdom- Hydration, Healing, & Hibernation

Hydration- We all know hydration is important. But it often gets put low on the list of priorities. As temperatures rise, so should your water intake. Hydrate with high-quality water, (we recommend spring water). This replenishes and helps the body function and detoxifies optimally. The minerals in spring water replenish cells and aid in removing unwanted toxins from the body (detoxification).

Healing- When we’re pushed to our limits, its best to slow it down. When dealing with an injury or other stressors, back off to give time for the affected or sore area to heal. To increase healing, stimulate blood flow in the affected area. There are many ways to do this. Coldwater stimulates blood flow and helps tame inflammation, particularly chronic inflammation which makes it more difficult for the body to heal. 

We recommend cold water showers, alternating between hot and cold water. The hot water will pull extra oxygen into the skin, which is why our skin turns red when hot. Then switching to cold water then pushes that extra oxygen back into the muscles, fascia, and ligaments to nourish. The pull of oxygen back deeper into the body from the skin is the same reason we become pail in cold temperatures.

Hibernation- There is nothing that services the body quite like good quality sleep. Focus on getting deep, restorative sleep to boost recovery and rejuvenation. Needing a nap every day to get through your day could be a sign of chronic fatigue, but when you are actively trying to recover from an illness, injury, soreness, or just overexertion the benefits from cat naps are a great way to also boost recovery.