Wednesday Wisdom: Consistency is key

This week’s Wednesday Wisdom, Don McLaughlin talks about the benefits of consistency in good habits and routine.

When it comes to PurePower products, consistency is key. The PurePower users that take the supplements every single day are the ones that see the biggest benefits. The ones that only take it “as needed” are unfortunately missing out on some key benefits. This is because super herbs work best when they build up over time (with short periods of cycling off of them). This is why we constantly hear week over week and month over month how significantly these products are changing peoples’ lives.

Consistency is important when forming positive routines and habits as well. In the video, Don highlights 3 key principles from James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits

  1. Make it very obvious. Making something you want to integrate daily very obviously helps you do it consistently. For example, leave your PurePower supplements by the bathroom sink in order to remember to take them every day.
  2. Make it attractive. You will be more likely to instill a new habit if you tie it to something else you really enjoy and already do every day. For example, many of us love our coffee in the morning, so link a positive new habit to your coffee time!
  3. Make it easy. The easier it is to engage in a new habit the more likely we are to do it consistently. That consistency really determines whether a habit will stick. Not as much the duration, but the frequency in which we do it. For example, leaving your workout bag right by the front door, so it’s ready to go and you’re more likely to do it consistently.
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