Wednesday Wisdom- Body Awareness



When was the last time you checked in with your whole body? It’s important to take time everyday to scan your body head to toe. Actively accessing how your body feels in a given moment is key to caring for and nourishing the body. When we’re not making time to check in with how we’re feeling, we can often ignore early warning signs in the body. Ignoring these initial warning signs can allow small issues to fester and become more serious ones down the road, whether it be immune, digestive, mental, etc.

It is also important to consciously nourish our bodies with the foods we eat and drinks we consume. Life gets hectic and healthy eating sometimes takes a backseat. But it’s important to keep the intention to eat and drink well so that you can stay feeling your best.

JOURNAL PROMPT: Close your eyes, do a quick body scan from head to toe, checking in with your body. Take note of whatever feelings and sensations arise. Journal about what you felt as you worked your way around the body. Were there any places in your body that felt tense, inflamed, sore, etc. Journal about what you felt happening in your body. Journal about it even if you didn’t feel anything today, and know that it may take some time to really drop into your body and feel what’s going on internally.


“Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies . . . our own inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside.”

-Deepak Chopra


The Importance of Body Scans and Self Care

Given the pace of modern life, we can often go on autopilot. This isn’t always a bad thing, because on autopilot we can get some things done efficiently. However, we don’t want to leave our body on autopilot all the time, since we often go and go until we hit a wall. It’s vitally important to take just a few seconds a day  to scan your body. Literally check-in head to toe.

Connecting with and accessing how we’re feeling on a regular basis allows us to answer the basic question, ‘how am I feeling?’ This allows you to tune in, adjust, feed, and nourish your body and heart in ways that can help you continue to thrive and avoid hitting that wall. Equally as important is to tune into what your heart is calling out for, and listening to what it needs.

Although it is not a necessity, hemp-derived CBD has a unique ability to help support us in listening to our bodies on a deeper level. Knowing when to slow down as well as when to amp it up is key to rebalancing in the midst of our fast paced lives.

Our bodies are complex systems of energy. There is only so much energy that we can output at one time. When the body is inflamed, fighting off an infection or healing an injury we often feel sluggish or low in energy. This is only because the body is having to work harder internally, which leaves less energy for living life to the full.

It is easy to forget that we don’t just need energy in the morning to accomplish the day’s objectives, we also require a lot of energy throughout the day and the best way to do so is to help the body generate energy more efficiently from the inside out.

If you feel the onset of a cold, we all know the warning signs, don’t ignore it and hope for the best. Take appropriate actions to support and boost your immune system when you sense those warning signs. During those times, your body could benefit from more full spectrum hemp-derived CBD because of the ways in which hemp extract bolsters the immune system through the endocannabinoid system.

Key Takeaway:

Scan your body, head to toe, on a regular basis, one or more times a day. From this body scan you may find that you’re not feeling your best in some area of your body. Give more attention and care to that part of the body. It directly impacts us, once we listen to the body, because we can more regularly care for ourselves in ways that we can then better support and contribute to others. But we need to start caring for ourselves first, so that we have more of our energy to give and share with others.

Body Scans and Conscious Eating

It’s easy to let nutritious eating slide to the back burner because of the fast pace of our culture. Nourishing the body through what we eat and drink is key to keeping ourselves topped off with clean energy so we’re not constantly depleting our energy reserves and resilience

You’ll find that when you start to put intentions behind keeping connected with you body, you will know intuitively which foods fuel you most and which foods drag you down.

So we encourage you to begin checking in more regularly before you decide what to eat or drink. Take a few deep breaths and then ask yourself what choice would most support your energy and overall well-being? On certain days day you may need more leafy greens and other days more fruits or high quality carbs (e.g., nuts and seeds). Your body will tell you if you connect with it more regularly.

Your mind, body, and spirit all work together in unison. We spend most of our day wrapped up in our mind. Take the time today to check in with the body and really answer the question “how am I feeling right now?” and then honor it by choosing what your body needs most to thrive.

Find Yours,

Don & Sean (and the whole PurePower team)