Wednesday Wisdom- Accept & Persevere

The ability to accept what is and continue forward is one of the keys to sustaining high performance. Not just in sports, but in business and in life. 

Here’s how. First, just accept yourself and your situation completely. We all tell ourselves stories that don’t serve us when things don’t go as planned. We’re often much more critical of ourselves than anyone else ever would be, and we do ourselves in. So instead of fostering and feeding that inner critic, cultivate an inner advocate instead. 

Make an effort to notice when your inner critic arises and thoughtfully bring yourself out of it by noticing and acknowledging that voice but quickly replace it with realistic positive self-talk. Accept what is, pick yourself back up, and keep moving forward. It’s more important than ever to do this when you have every reason to break down and give up.

Acceptance is the key to perseverance, and developing a bulletproof mindset.