Wednesday Wisdom: 3 ways to harness your inner strength

Happy Wednesday! Check out our Wednesday Wisdom video featuring PurePower founder, Don McLaughlin.

More than ever, we all now need to find stillness and inner strength to power through current struggles. Here are 3 quick ways you can do so…

  1. Connect with past times you have overcome the struggle. Reconnect with what it felt like to push through those hard moments and what if felt like to come out (stronger) on the other side. Revisit that experience and use it as an opportunity to harness your inner strength now.
  2. Draw strength from others who have overcome struggles. Use other people’s stories as inspiration to conquer your own hardships. No matter how significant the challenge you currently face, others have likely overcome much, much worse.
  3. Acknowledge and support others who are currently struggling or going through something. Listening and connecting with others will help them get through their struggles, while also helping you get through yours.

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