These Two Adaptogens Help Athletes Beat Stress, Deepen Sleep, and Boost Immunity

These Two Adaptogens Help Athletes Beat Stress, Deepen Sleep, and Boost Immunity

How Ashwagandha and Tulsi (holy basil) protect and restore balance for athletes.

When you want to achieve peak athletic performance, you need optimal health and wellness. That’s why keeping the body naturally balanced is critical.

But many everyday stresses and chemical toxins from our food and environment are unavoidable. Add hard training to the mix for athletes, and it can all be too much for the body to counter on its own. That’s why PurePower incorporates some of the world’s most powerful adaptogens found in full-spectrum hemp oil and other natural herbs and botanicals.

These adaptogens supercharge the body’s innate ability to reset, recharge, and rebalance.

Adaptogens help the body resist physical and chemical stresses without disrupting its normal functions. Two adaptogens linked to stress relief, improved sleep, and bolstering the immune system are ashwagandha and tulsi (aka holy basil).


Ashwagandha is one of the most popular adaptogens because of its links to stress relief, endurance, and balance (aka homeostasis). It has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. Athletes know a good night’s sleep is crucial for recovery. By alleviating anxiety and stress (two major causes of insomnia), ashwagandha root can help the mind relax and the body wake up well-rested.

This is why you find ashwagandha in PowerDown: Ashwagandha works with PurePower’s Performance HempTM and other natural botanical supplements to allow the body to rest and restore itself at a deeper level.


Tulsi promotes relaxation, fights inflammation, and is often used with other herbs (like astragalus) as an immune booster. All three of these benefits are particularly useful for athletes who are prone to pushing through early signs of fatigue or illness.

This is why you find Tulsi and astragalus in PowerUp: Tulsi and astragalus improve focus, energy and boost the immune system, all essential to the herbs and botanicals included in PowerUp. This combination of powerful herbs boosts energy by helping the body fend off toxins and rebalance more quickly.