The PurePower Bedtime Tea

Let’s face it, quality rest is one of the most integral parts of a solid recovery practice for any human. It may very well be the most important determining factor of overall health. A consistent lack of sleep has been shown to lead to a cadre of serious health ailments (source WebMD). Even short, sleepless nights have led to a less than optimal performance both personally and professionally.

This is unfortunately true for every person on our lovely planet.

If you’re pushing your performance levels each week through rigorous training, then the importance of a quality night’s sleep is even greater.

However, when you’re on the “go” all the time and your brain has thousands of data stimuli bombarding it every hour; it can be hard to shut down the brain when it’s time to sleep.

Top 6 Tricks to “Fall Asleep Faster” 

  1. Create darkness in room through use of blackout shades
  2. Use sleep sounds or white noise to help distract you to sleep.
  3. Meditate before bed
  4. No phones or electronics in the bedroom to add to distraction
  5. Keep caffeine to a minimum after 11 AM each day.
  6. Drink a natural, non-caffeinated cup of bedtime tea.

Ahhh bedtime and warm tea; they just go together. 

Here at Pure Power, we enjoy a nice, warm mug of tea whenever we’re having troubles going to sleep. And to sleep deeply through the night, we take some Daily Boost and Power Down about 1 hour before bedtime.

Here’s our founder Don McLaughlin’s favorite bedtime tea recipe. 

Ingredients for Don’s Sleepy Time Tea

1 teaspoon dried passionflower

1 teaspoon dried tumeric

1 teaspoon raw honey

1 teaspoon valerian root

½ teaspoon lavender

1 cup boiling water

½ to 1 tincture of Daily Boost 


Take your water and start a rolling boil. Place your honey in your favorite mug.

Take the rest of your ingredients, grind up in a mortar and pistil; then take and place into your favorite stainless steel tea ball or muslin bag. 

Pour boiling water into your mug, place tea into water to steep. Stir up your honey; remove tea herbs from water after 5-6 minutes.

Ideally drink your tea 1-1.5 hour prior to your desired bedtime to help you calm your central nervous system.


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