Here’s the problem with most CBD products…

And What We’re Doing About It…

With endless CBD products flooding the market it might feel like splitting hairs trying to find products that effectively and consistently address the things they claim. You may have even given CBD a try and then quit, feeling let down by all the claims and lack of results.

The reason for this is because all CBD oil is NOT created equal. After months and months of our own due diligence, testing dozens and dozens of hemp-derived CBD suppliers, we discovered the most important factors in creating the highest quality CBD.

It all comes down to 4 key factors:

  1. The quality of the hemp,
  2. How the CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant,
  3. How the CBD is activated for use in the body
  4. How the CBD is delivered into the body.

#1 The Quality of Hemp
For the most potent and nutrient-dense CBD oil, one needs to start with the highest quality hemp. For us, we searched high and low to find a hemp farmer using organic growing practices and advanced knowledge of hemp horticulture. This is key because the quality and health of the hemp plant directly impacts the quality of the oil that will be extracted from the hemp. PurePower’s hemp is the highest quality we could find anywhere.

Another important consideration in finding high quality CBD oil is to find one that contains the complete range of cannabinoids contained within the hemp plant (and not just one cannabinoid like CBD). Many products on the market today are CBD isolate products, which means that all of the other cannabinoids are artificially processed out of the hemp oil and just one cannabinoid (CBD) is retained. Capturing the full spectrum of cannabinoids leads to a more effective CBD oil because all of the nutrients in the plant work together synergistically to bring the mind and body back to balance.

Read more about full spectrum CBD here.

#2 How CBD Oil is Extracted
Many CBD products on the market are still using outdated and harmful extraction methods that destroy the nutrients contained within the hemp plant. These methods are harsh on the cannabinoids contained in the plant, leaving the final product lacking the hemp plant’s complete nutrient profile.

PurePower uses a one of a kind extraction method, called vapor distillation, which uses heated air and condensation to extract the oil from the hemp plant. Why is this so superior to the other extraction methods? Because PurePower’s vapor distillation process yields an oil that retains 99% of the full spectrum of cannabinoids and does not destroy the nutrients in the oil like other extraction methods.

Read more about PurePower’s one of a kind Vapor Distillation process here

#3 Activation of CBD Oil
But that’s not the only thing that sets PurePower’s CBD apart from anything else on the market. Activation is the process by which the nutrients in the oil are activated in such a way that the body can use the nutrients (decarboxylation is the fancy term for this process).

Our proprietary vapor distillation process simultaneously activates the nutrients in the oil through an immediate, flash activation that happens at the time of distillation, in a matter of seconds, which preserves the full profile of nutrient-rich cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids. Other methods degrade these nutrients because they use high heat over a longer period of time to achieve the same activation.

#4 How CBD is Delivered into the Body
Many CBD products on the market do not get fully absorbed into the body. Why? Because hemp is a fatty oil that needs to be digested and broken down inside the digestive system, during which a large percentage of the nutrients are lost in digestion.

To address this problem, we employ a pharmaceutical-grade liposomal nanotechnology to ensure faster and more complete nutrient absorption. Liposomes are small lipid bilayer structures that are very similar to cell membranes that surround the cannabinoids to increase absorption and bioavailability up to 80%. How? The liposomes protect the cannabinoids while passing through the stomach and digestive system, and the structure of the liposome itself mimics a cell membrane such that the liposome can be fully absorbed in the intestines and pass directly into the bloodstream. Most CBD products lose nutrients in the harsh environment of the stomach and never get absorbed by the body.

We know you care immensely about what you put into you body, so we wanted to make sure you have all the information you need in order to make a clear decision in buying the very best health products and supplements. Please reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Remember, we’re in it together. We’re here for YOU!