Tez Steinberg: What I Learned from Rowing Solo to Hawaii

Tez Steinberg recently completed the herculean task of rowing—solo—across the Pacific Ocean from California to Hawaii. It took him 71 days and 2669 miles, propelled only by his own oars.

The Importance of Mindset

Now that Tez is safely back on dry land, he took a few minutes out from planning his next adventure to catch up with PurePower founder, Don McLaughlin. As an ultra-endurance athlete himself, Don was keen to hear more about how Tez maintained his mindset during the grueling challenge. Not only did Tez face physical exertion and bad weather, but also the sheer isolation of being alone in a tiny boat in the middle of the ocean. He explains how it all came down to perspective, and to breaking down huge problems into manageable tasks.

A Row with a Cause

The pair also discuss Tez’s motivations for completing this epic feat. Tez set out to highlight the fragile beauty of the world’s oceans, at risk from plastic pollution more than ever before. However, his aim was also to raise money for scholarships to United World Colleges, a global network of highschool that share the mission of “making education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future”. Having attended one of these schools in Northern Italy as a teenager, Tez wants to pass that experience on.

Learn more about the United World Challenge and donate to the scholarship fund here.

The Power of PurePower

When each day consists of rowing more than 30 miles in all conditions, being able to recover and manage stress is vital. In this interview, Tez Steinberg discusses how Reboot and Daily Boost helped him with “feeling energized, clear, reducing the inflammation in my body, cutting back on the pain, being able to sleep well.”

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