Sparkling Cranberry Orange CBD Mocktail Recipe

Want to feel all warm inside this Thanksgiving, despite what good ol’ Aunt Karen might say at the dinner table? We’ve got the drink for you! 

Join the sober-curious trend, and keep your cool this holiday season with a bright and bubbly, merry, and festive Sparkling Cranberry Orange CBD mocktail. That’s infused with Pure Power’s Orange-Ginger Daily Boost CBD Oil, allowing you to sip on stress-relieving effects with an invigorating flavor. 

Even better? It only takes a few simple and affordable ingredients to make this crave-worthy and uplifting drink! Feel free to increase the recipe with equal parts, and make a pitcher to share for Friendsgiving or make just one for a little seasonal self-care. 

Have fun with your CBD this holiday and every day, and try out the drink below! And, stay tuned to Pure Power for more flavorful and festive recipes to shake up the way you achieve all-natural health and wellness benefits. 

Sparkling Cranberry Orange CBD Mocktail

Ingredients – 

1 oz orange juice

2.5 oz ​cranberry juice

2.5 oz sprite, or club soda 

3-4 drops of Pure Power’s Orange-Ginger Daily Boost CBD Oil

Optional garnish: orange slice

  1. Add the chilled juices to a glass of your choice, over ice. 
  2. Top with sprite, and add CBD oil. 
  3. Shake and stir to mix. 
  4. Garnish, or sip and enjoy without!