Robert Killian

“I wouldn’t be where I am without PurePower.”

Professional obstacle course racer, Spartan Pro Athlete, 2x Spartan World Champion (2015 & 2019), 2016 Best Army Ranger, 2009 IM Military World Champion

Rose Wetzel

“Sleeping well is the foundation to functioning optimally each day. Power Down has been helping this mom/athlete sleep better for over a year now, and I’m grateful! It really works.” Read More

Professional obstacle course racer, Spartan Pro Athlete, 2x American Ninja Warrior finalist, 800M All-American Runner for Georgetown University, 9x USA Track & Field Club National Champion

Timothy Allen Olson

“PurePower is a game changer for me with my sleep, energy, mood and recovery.”

Professional ultra runner, 2x Western States 100M Winner (2012 & 2013), Male Runner of the Year (2014), Coastal Challenge Winner (2021)

Sabrina Stanley

“I started using PurePower when I was training for the 2018 Hardrock 100. I logged 100 - 140 miles a week for months on end. Never before had I put in that kind of mileage. Going into Hardrock 100 I was 100% injury free. I don’t think that would have been possible without PurePower as a part of my daily routine.” Read More

Professional Ultra Runner, 2018 Hardrock 100 Winner, 2019 Hurt 100 Winner, 1st American to Win Grand Raid Reunion Island (2019), 2x Women’s Fastest Known Time Nolan’s 14 (2020)

Avery Collins

“PurePower plays an instrumental role in allowing my body to recover and recharge day after day for these big days in the mountains.” Read More

Professional Ultra Runner, 2018 Hurt 100 Winner, Orcas Island 50M Winner, 2019 Fat Dog 120 Winner, 2017 Grindstone 100 M Winner


Mark Testa

“I love PurePower for the synergy of their unique botanical formulas combined with ultra pure, high-quality hemp. Great for athletes, high performers, and anyone looking to enhance their health.” Read More

Stem Cell Expert, High Performance Coach and host of DocTesta’s Be Your Own Doctor series on Facebook

Cara Marrs

“Starting last week I have taken the Daily Boost once or twice a day, one full dropper of the Lemon Turmeric Daily Boost and I cannot put into words the difference it has made and how my body feels. It was almost immediate and now I feel like I have to rely on this going forward and I don’t want to be without it! Thank you.” Read More

Functional Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. Ultra Endurance Trail Runner, Mother

Fred Bisci

“PurePower’s supplements excel and rank up there with the best I’ve used in the past few decades. An excellent, clean formula. It’s clear that they are scientifically formulated with the highest quality ingredients in the right ratios to enhance performance and generate optimal energy to the Krebs cycle.” Read More

PhD, Clinical Director, Athlete Nutritional Council, Spartan Race Series

Sanjay Rawal

“The 2019 edition of the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race in New York City was especially tough, particularly toward the last few weeks. Recovery has to be done on the fly in this race and PowerBalm was an indispensable part of everyone’s routine.” Read More

Filmmaker and racing crew for Ashprihanal Aalto, 2015 James Beard Foundation Award Winner, 2020 New York Times Critics Pick


Lauren Champa

“This is top shelf CBD. I love the quick absorption and an immediate feeling of well-being.” Read More

Yogini and Professional Yoga Instructor (Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Fitness), Mother

Siobhan Pritchard

“Power Up has always been the first thing I grab in the morning. I wasn't really sure I would notice a difference with the new formula, but wow it's amazing! I've only been taking one capsule of the new formula and have noticed a huge increase in my energy level. I have had a consistent energy boost all day, with no afternoon lull. The energy boost is consistent throughout the day as well with no ups and downs. The new formula is a great improvement” Read More

Ultra Endurance Trail Runner, Mother

Terence Steinberg

“The PurePower System has helped me enormously. After using the System every day for 2 months, I’ve narrowed down the other supplements I used to take, decreased dosage on medications I was using to regulate my energy, and have been hitting ambitious goals in strength training that had eluded me for 6+ months before. The System is high impact help and I love it!” Read More

Completed solo/unassisted row from California to Hawaii in 71 days (2020); Repeat Ironman and Ultra Endurance Finisher; Ocean Conservationist; Consultant with Deloitte

Jacob Guidry

“I’m loving my experience with Daily Boost! I’m definitely feeling more energized. An unexpected symptom is my change in appetite. I have had problems eating enough food for the past few years, ever since my gallbladder surgery. But in the past week I’ve been finishing all my meals and actually eating a normal amount for my body!” Read More

Professional Photographer & Videographer

Brandon Fravel

“I’ve noticed a difference with my recovery and the way I feel before and after my workout. I’m a huge fan so far!!” Read More

ISSA Personal Trainer, UESCA & VDOT Running Coach, founder Run Free Running Club, Ultra Endurance Trail Racer

Travis Lavin

“PurePower strong baby!! After a year and a half of health problems I was finally able to start taking PurePower again, instantly the energy,strength, recovery and focus came back. I had one of the best races of my life this past weekend running the fastest 50k trail time in North America with a time of 3:20:49.” Read More

Fastest 50K Trail Runner in North America, USTFCCCA Track & Field Coach, Bachelors of Exercise Science

Jason Boothroyd

“First off, I truly believe in the products! Coming off of two lower back surgeries six years ago, I struggled to run consistently as I dealt with pain management. Implementation of PurePower has been a game-changer in my training!” Read More

Ultra Endurance Trail Runner, Father, Senior Investment Analyst, Hartford Investment Management Company

Gavin Coombs

“PurePower is such a great product. It is rare that you find a product that exceeds their own claims. PurePower helps me to sleep deeper and more restfully and gives me the extra boost of energy. I recommend it to everyone. Read More

Founder, Deadman Gravel Bike Race Colorado, 3x National Champion (indoor mile, outdoor mile); 3x All-ACC Runner; Winner Tobacco Road Marathon