PurePower Origins: Daily Boost


For PurePower founders and cousins Don McLaughlin and Sean McCabe, it took hitting their lowest moments in life to rediscover their inner fire, leave the corporate world and to follow a new calling in life. In this origin series, we go back to the beginning of PurePower to explore our origins and the genesis of our core products, starting with the foundation of them all: Daily Boost. 

Where It All Began

For Don, his lowest point happened after years of steadily worsening stress-related burnout while working as a corporate lawyer and then legal entrepreneur in the Fortune 500. From self-medicating with prescription anti-depressants and alcohol, to the breakdown of his marriage, to an infection so bad he nearly lost a kidney, it was clear that Don needed to make big changes in his life.. After hitting that low point in 2012, Don began to revamp his life: he overhauled his diet, started trail-running in the Colorado mountains outside his hometown and, following a chance encounter with an article in the Denver Post, started to investigate the healing power of the hemp plant and other ancient herbs.

At around the same time, Sean, who had been working in a similarly high-powered role in renewable energy, suffered a traumatic brain injury that led to a gruelling rehabilitation.. It took him months to recover physically, and even longer to heal psychologically. During Sean’s recovery, Don visited his cousin and introduced him to hemp extract and other herbs used in ancient healing, which Sean discovered helped him better manage stress, sleep more deeply, and boost his  energy levels, all of which he believes helped accelerate his recovery. Throughout this process, Sean came to realize how precious life was, which motivated him to leave the corporate world and serve a deeper mission.. 

Since hemp and other ancient herbs helped Don and Sean turn their lives around, they knew they wanted to share these powerful natural solutions  with others. It was not long after that Don and Sean’s new partnership to found PurePower was born. However, they knew from the beginning that PurePower wouldn’t simply be about creating great products, but about promoting a whole new way of life: one that holistically incorporated all the potent herbs and lifestyle changes that had benefited them so much in their recovery.  

Developing the PurePower System

To start developing PurePower’s products , the cousins turned to their friends and family, asking them what aspect of their lives they most needed support. The resounding answer was stress: almost everyone wanted to find a way to better manage and reduce stress in their daily lives. They also wanted more energy, resilience, and better focus and drive. All the core PurePower products were born from this input.

Now Don and Sean knew what the focus of PurePower’s products would be, but how could they deliver those impacts? The answer came from conversations with a relative who specialized in traditional Chinese medicine, who explained that not only is it possible to take hemp in conjunction with other herbs, but it is actually preferable, as each one enhances the natural efficacy of the other, maximizing the positive impacts of all of them. This formed the missing piece that would become the basis of the PurePower mission and PurePower System: combining high-quality hemp with proprietary blends of ancient herbs for maximum benefits in specific areas of health and performance

Our Ingredients, Our Passion

Since the very earliest days of PurePower, our drive has been to source the highest-quality ingredients in order to ensure purity and create the most positive impact from these ancient herbs. 

Hemp is the basis of all PurePower products, and we’re super passionate about the plant. If you get any member of the PurePower team going, they will talk your ear off about the benefits of hemp, both for our minds, bodies and the environment. All our hemp is grown in the U.S. by USDA-certified master growers who use regenerative, organic methods: that means it’s free of pesticides, herbicides, and other man-made chemicals. All our products are produced in small batches – we like to think of it like “craft-brewing”for plants. Each and every one of these batches is third-party tested to ensure quality, nutrient contents, and verification that the batch is free of any harmful chemicals. We freely share these tests with the world and our customers. Why? It’s all part of our obsession with quality and transparency. 

Once we have this high-quality hemp, we use a process called vapor extraction to get the oil from the plant. This is a technique that could best be described as gentle, as each step is designed to treat the hemp as carefully as possible in order to preserve the full spectrum of the plant’s powerful nutrients. The end result is an incredibly pure hemp oil which, thanks to our liposomal delivery system in Daily Boost, can be absorbed more quickly. All this means that compared to other hemp derived products on the market, we do not need to create products with such high doses of CBD: for us, it’s all about quality, not quantity. That’s why we call ours Performance Hemp.

It’s this vapor-extracted hemp oil that makes our signature product, DailyBoost so great. While we love Daily Boost on its own, we think it works even better to deepen the impacts of our other products in the PurePower System: PowerUp, Reboot, and PowerDown, thanks to the way our Performance Hemp interacts with the other herbs they contain. To develop these herbal blends, we worked with an expert herbalist, who used his more than 30 years of experience to source all the herbs for our products and formulate our proprietary Inside-Out Complexes. We’ll go into more detail about exactly what goes into those products in the rest of the series. 

The PurePower Philosophy

At PurePower, we’re governed by a simple philosophy: our products are all about enhancing, not changing. 

Despite how it is sometimes marketed, CBD is not a magic pill or a wonder drug. It is not a quick fix cureall, but rather best used as a catalyst with other herbs to support the body’s natural systems and deliver next level performance and enjoyment . This is the opposite of a quick-fix pharmaceutical sales pitch: that’s why we’re all about encouraging customers to optimize their lifestyle, and using our special PurePower performance herbs to do so. After all, Don and Sean learned this through personal experience! 

Our products are designed to be dynamic, and people can self-assess what dosage works for them. We even encourage customers to cycle on and off PurePower in order to get maximum benefits. 

Stay tuned for the rest of the series, where we’ll go into more detail about the origins of the other components of our PurePower System, from how we chose the ingredients and why, to all the potential benefits.