PurePower on A New Way of Living Podcast

PurePower co-founder Don McLaughlin recently caught up with Dan Voss on his popular wellness podcast, A New Way of Living. 

Dan and Don spoke about Don’s backstory, and how he went from working in corporate law, to founding his own company, to facing constant stress, to eventually burning out and hitting rock bottom – and then to bouncing back stronger and eventually discovering the healing power of plants, especially full-spectrum hemp oil. 

Don also describes how he introduced his cousin, Sean McCabe, to hemp oil after he suffered a traumatic brain injury. This seemingly chance conversation would eventually lead to the two cousins founding PurePower. (Read more about how PurePower came about in our Daily Boost origin story.)

Dan and Don also discuss some key facts about hemp oil and CBD that people often get wrong – for example, the difference between the two, how they, in turn, relate to cannabis, whether or not hemp is psychotropic, and why full-spectrum hemp oil is best (not that we’re biased!) It’s PurePower’s use of high-grade, full-spectrum hemp oil, as well as other carefully selected herbs and botanicals, that sets our products apart.

They also talked about the endocannabinoid system and the emerging world of cannabinoid therapy– topics to Don’s heart. He explains how this system – which was only really discovered in the 1980s – is closely tied to major physiological functions like the central nervous system, and therefore why it’s quite so important to care for it properly. If you’re curious, you can learn more about the endocannabinoid system here

Catch the podcast here, on Apple or on Spotify.