PurePower Featured on The Hemp Entrepreneur Podcast

Last year, PurePower founders and cousins Don McLaughlin and Sean McCabe joined hosts Drew Oberholtzer and Cameron McIntosh on their podcast, The Hemp Entrepreneur. As you might guess from the name, this podcast is dedicated to telling the stories of innovators and pioneers creating hemp-based businesses.

The four of them talked about how PurePower was born from the cousins’ personal journeys of crisis, the core aims that still govern how the company runs, and what’s next for the hemp industry. Read on for a summary of the interview, or you can listen to the interview here.

The PurePower Origin Story

From the beginning, the PurePower origin story was a very personal mission for Don and Sean. After both faced significant crises in their lives, they began to experiment with hemp extract based on emerging studies about hemp’s health benefits, and found it was hugely beneficial for them both in terms of sleep, stress, and energy, especially when combined with other herbs long-used in ancient natural healing.

In fact, it was this period of experimentation that sparked the idea for Purepower, as all the products that Don and Sean were trying seemed pretty anonymous: there was little information about where and how they were sourced, or about the company making them. What’s more, the cousins had to create their own blends with other supplements, as no one was making holistic products that brought together CBD with other herbal remedies.

Don and Sean explained their three core aims when founding PurePower:

  • To share the benefits that they had experienced from hemp,
  • To create blends of hemp-based products combined with other herbs to target specific problem areas, like sleep, stress, energy and recovery,
  • And to do all this with the highest-quality, ethically-sourced ingredients as part of an overall holistic approach to optimize health in ways that support long-term high performance.

It’s this combination, Don said, that sets PurePower apart, as they know of no other company who has created products specifically formulated for these conditions by combining hemp and other unique herbs and vital minerals.

The PurePower System

Keeping with the personal, people-focused approach when developing the core range of PurePower products, Don and Sean worked closely with friends and family to identify the most common health challenges, which is how the PurePower System was born.

They then worked with a renowned herbalist with more than 30 years of experience to make these products a reality. Our herbalist’s focus was to ensure that the products were effective, safe, and beneficial to take long term to promote balance and wellness, not as a one-time, “magic” pill.

Cameron was curious about who PurePower products are aimed at: “Can anyone benefit from using PurePower, or just athletes?” he asked.

Far from it, Don replied. Both he and Sean have found exercise to be a crucial part of their recovery, which is why there is a focus on athletes – they simply understand their needs more deeply. However, research and their own experience both show that anyone, no matter their lifestyle or age, could benefit from PurePower. Both cousins and their families still take PurePower products on a daily basis.

Next, the conversation turned back to a deeper look at the PurePower products themselves, including the dedication to purity and quality in all their ingredients.

Don spoke about PurePower’s work with the Rodale Institute, which is conducting a multi-year study into hemp’s role in regenerative agriculture. Sean also described the lengthy process they went through to source the ingredients sustainably right in their home state of Colorado. This, coupled with regular and rigorous testing, ensures that all PurePower ingredients are potent, of the highest quality, and sustainably cultivated.

Cameron was curious about what “full-spectrum” meant, and why it was so important to PurePower products.

Don explained that it was all part of the overall mission to take a holistic approach to wellness. Research shows that the various cannabinoids in hemp work synergistically within the body, suggesting that the whole is greater than the parts. With many other CBD products, these other cannabinoids are stripped away, losing many of the potential benefits. PurePower, on the other hand, preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoids in the hemp.

Looking to the Future

The interview wrapped up with a look at the future of PurePower, with Cameron asking Don and Sean what they were working on next, as well as if they had any predictions about the CBD industry. While the industry may be exploding, they replied, the PurePower mission won’t change: their aim is to keep promoting a holistic approach to health, wellbeing and high performance, not a wonder pill. The founders also dropped a few hints about new products, though you’ll have to listen to the whole podcast for more on that! Hint: think a summery lemon turmeric Daily Boost and an upgraded, potent PowerUp/Reboot combo.