What Are The Performance Benefits of CBD?

As an athlete, there’s no better feeling than going out and acing a race, workout, or training session, knowing that you’re strong, sharp and firing on all cylinders.

But what about the times when, despite your best efforts, you know you’re just not quite at your best? What can you do to get more of the first type of workout, and fewer of the second?

More and more athletes and non-athletes are turning to natural botanical solutions to help them reach and maintain peak performance, including hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). Let’s take a look at what CBD is, how it works, and its potential performance benefits. 

What is CBD, and How Does It Work?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp plants. It works by interacting with your endocannabinoid system (ECS), a huge receptor network in the body that promotes balance on a cellular level throughout the mind and body, from the brain and central nervous system to your immune response and gut health. Any imbalance in the ECS can affect one or all of these areas, but studies show that CBD helps correct these imbalances in ways that optimize health and support high performance 

More Energy

One of the biggest health and high-performance killers is a lack of energy. Whether it’s general lethargy, the result of a bad night’s sleep, or stress-related, a tired athlete is not a peak-performance athlete.

Part of maintaining higher energy levels comes down to lifestyle: eating right, getting enough sleep (more on that below), and keeping a healthy balance. But sometimes that isn’t enough, and we still wake up feeling low on energy. 

Thanks to its unique interactions with the ECS, cannabinoids can support the body’s ability to produce energy, endurance, and stamina. What’s more, CBD can work synergistically with other energy-promoting botanicals like Rhodiola to amplify the natural benefits of both. Our PowerUp capsules contain both vapor extracted hemp CBD oil and our unique Inside-Out Energy Complex, a blend of herbs and minerals formulated to help promote and regulate energy production in the body. 

Less Stress

Any successful athlete can tell you that a large part of high performance is mindset. No matter how motivated you are, if you’re feeling overly stressed, you won’t be as focused on your goals. In addition to impacting your mental focus, stress can also have negative physical effects on the body, from gastrointestinal problems to insomnia to inflammation – all of which can negatively impact health and performance. 

When it interacts with the ECS, studies show that cannabinoids can help us to feel calmer and more focused by limiting the production of cortisol, the “stress hormone,” and promoting the production of serotonin, the “happy hormone”. This effect is most noticeable when hemp CBD is taken regularly and consistently, followed by brief periods of cycling off and discontinuing to take it. In multiple flavors and with a handy pump bottle, our Daily Boost is a simple way to help the body naturally regulate its response to stress. 

Quicker Recovery

Even the fittest athletes have to recover after a grueling race or intense workout: to avoid doing so is to risk long-term pain or injury. Recovery helps our muscles to strengthen and grow, and it allows our joints, nerves, and connective tissues to heal. With that being said, long recovery times can be very frustrating, especially if they stop us from training or undermine our daily activities. 

Studies show that cannabinoids like CBD can promote quicker recovery times thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties that help to better regulate pain and swelling, as well as enhance mobility and range of movement. 

With 10mg of vapor-extracted CBD per serving plus plant and mineral extracts carefully formulated to promote resilience and vitality, Reboot from PurePower promotes the body’s innate ability to recover efficiently and bounce back more quickly.

Better Sleep

Sleep is a hugely important part of recovery, and if you’re not getting enough good quality sleep, your performance is sure to suffer. What’s more, when we’re lacking sleep, we’re less focused and likely to have less focus and lower energy levels. 

Good news though: studies show that CBD could help with this too. Unlike sedatives, CBD doesn’t put you to sleep by making you lethargic; rather, it helps to reduce conditions – like stress or pain and cortisol spikes – that make sleep difficult. PowerDown, in addition to full-spectrum CBD hemp oil, also contains a potent blend of botanicals such as chamomile, magnesium, and passionflower, all of which can help the body relax and experience deeper and more restful sleep.

Not All CBD Is Created Equal: How PurePower Promotes Peak Performance

Each and every PurePower product contains Performance CBD, which we extract from 100% Colorado-grown, chemical-free hemp plants using an innovative proprietary vapor extraction process that captures the full spectrum of nutrient-dense compounds that support the mind and body’s innate capacity to reset, rebalance and recharge. And PurePower’s Daily Boost uses liposomal nanotechnology to boost absorption of the full spectrum of cannabinoids by 80% compared to standard hemp oil extracts.

What’s more, our products were specially formulated by an expert herbalist to synergistically offer the most support to the brain and body, particularly the complete PurePower System, which includes all of the products mentioned in this article.