Our Favorite 7 Ways of Expressing Gratitude: Tips to Improve Your Health!

In our last blog, we covered all the ways that gratitude and health connect— mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

To carry on that feeling and our month of gratitude, we’ve put together a list of the easiest ways to show gratitude every day. With the hope that, by implementing these simple practicing gratitude exercises into your daily routines, you too can improve the way you feel from the inside out. 

So, keep reading for our top 7 favorite ways of expressing gratitude that can be done quickly and easily. 

Expressing Gratitude for Health and Wellness

In the last edition of our two-part series on gratitude and health, we talked about how expressing gratitude can improve your health and well-being. So, let’s refresh our memories by recapping what we learned about the latest gratitude research. Through studies, researchers have found that practicing gratitude is linked to – 

  • Reduced stress
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Diminished levels of inflammation
  • Improved cardiovascular health 

In addition gratitude is linked to a more resilient mindset and a more positive outlook on life. 

Practicing Gratitude Exercises – Our Top 7 Favorites! 

With so many benefits, it doesn’t hurt to begin regularly expressing gratitude. Especially since most gratitude exercises don’t take up much of your time. So without further ado, here are our top seven favorite ways to practice gratitude for improved health. 

#1 – Start journaling 

Journaling is by far one of the most popular ways of practicing gratitude. Whether you do so daily, nightly, or weekly, taking the time to write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for every day will not only help you think about what you appreciate but also nurture the habit of doing so regularly. If you’re struggling with what to write, you can also seek out journal prompts to help you reflect. 

#2 – Make a gratitude jar or box 

Similar to journaling, you can make a gratitude jar or box where all at once, or every day, you write down a myriad of things you’re grateful for. Each time you think of something new, write it down and add it to the jar or box. Then, when you’re not feeling your best, you can go to your gratitude jar or box and remind yourself of what you have to be thankful for to improve your mood. 

#3 – Write a gratitude letter or email 

Taking the time to write a short or long note to someone you’re grateful for will make their day and yours. This is a simple way to reflect on how others support you, and once they receive your letter or email and share their appreciation, you’ll feel even more gratitude and joy. 

#4 – Meditate 

Taking the time to meditate at the beginning, end, or even middle of your day, lets you press ‘pause’ on all the stresses and appreciate the miraculous power of your breath. Meditation is the practice of quieting the mind and focusing on your breath. Rather than trying to shut off your mind completely, instead visualize and reflect on all of the things you’re grateful for instead. 

#5 – Get in touch with nature 

It might seem simple, but noticing the beauty of nature can help you better disconnect from everyday stresses and appreciate the little things in life more. Consider starting a new hobby that regularly gets you into nature, like daily walks outside, or kayaking, hiking, running, or even photography. 

#6 – Craft a gratitude collage 

If you’re more of a visual person, create a gratitude collage that you can continue to add to over time. Start off by adding photos of things you’re grateful for, either photos or clipped from magazines. As you come across more things you’re grateful for, continue adding to your gratitude collage as a visual representation to look at and reflect on, when you need it the most. 

#7 – Do an act of service or kind act 

Acts of service or random acts of kindness help you remember what you have, by sharing what you have to give. The act can be as simple as giving a compliment to a stranger or as involved as donating time to a local charity or soup kitchen. Regardless, giving back to others is by far one of the most meaningful ways to practice gratitude. 

Gratitude and Health – The Final Word 

At PurePower, we’re all about helping others tap into all-natural ways of feeling their best. This includes producing unique, high-quality blends of hemp, other super herbs, and vital minerals for plant-powered wellness. In addition, we love to provide tips and strategies on alternative health and performance practices, like expressing gratitude. 

Use this guide to begin practicing gratitude exercises on a daily basis, or share it with someone you know who could benefit from simple ways to improve physical and mental health. 

Stay tuned for more holistic health research, news, and updates from the PurePower team, and shop our collection of premium natural products, now!