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CBD herbal supplements & performance

PurePower CBD herbal supplements support some of the world’s most inspiring athletes, adventurers, wellness advocates and entrepreneurs. We draw inspiration from their dedication and commitment to their craft, including the insights they share with the PurePower community about best practices for training and recovery, nutrition and maintaining balance amid competing demands.

Timothy Allen Olson

Timothy is an internationally renowned athlete with some stellar achievements under his belt, including back to back wins at the Western States 100 in the coldest and hottest years on record. He made a name for himself in the endurance running world from the very beginning of his career, placing sixth in his first 50k race. Then winning his first 100 mile race the very next year. While he’s won races, broken records, and been named Male Runner of the Year by Endurance Live Sports, he’s also done so while being a dedicated father, friend, and loving husband. Not only does he value the people in his life immensely, he also has a deep connection with nature. During runs he taps into the energy of the earth to inspire him. The trees, mountains, rivers, and wildlife fuel his runs as much as anything else. What we love most is how Timothy rejoices in nature and runs with free expression. Timothy also uses his dedicated meditation practice to bring stability and grace to the many facets of his life. Meditation gives him clarity to balance family, training, nutrition, and his overall dedication to living mindfully. He’s called the Mindful Mountain Ultra Runner for a reason! Timothy’s deep connection with himself, nature, family, friends and fans around the world epitomize the PurePower Life. In his own words, “PurePower is game changing for me; my recovery, energy, mood and sleep have all improved in ways that make my life and training more balanced. When I’m consistently taking the PurePower System, I feel a big difference in my training and recovery.”


World-renowned ultra endurance trail runner, Avery is best known for tackling and dominating some of the most difficult races on the planet. In 2017 Ultra Running magazine ranked Avery 9th in the world after winning both the Georgia Death Race and the Grindstone 100. In early-2018, Collins dominated the field at the HURT 100 in Hawaii, finishing first nearly 3 hours ahead of the next racer. Avery has been running for 5 years and competed in every “Ultra” distance from 50k to 200 miles, including the Colorado 200, FatDog 120, Grindstone 100, Ouray 100 and Tor Des Geants to name a few. He spends the majority of his winters on his snowboard dreaming of summer running adventures through the San Juans, and then all summer running in the mountains and daydreaming of snowboarding. In his own words: “What can I say? I’m addicted to the rush of life, and PurePower Botanicals plays an instrumental role in allowing my body to recover and recharge day after day for these big days in the mountains.”


A rising star in the world of elite ultra trail running, Sabrina Stanley started ultra running competitively in the summer of 2016. Since then she has sought out the most competitive races in the sport while posting impressive results at each. Sabrina’s stellar results among women include 1st place at the 2018 Hardrock 100, 1st place and course record holder at the 2018 Orcas Island 50, 3rd at the 2018 HURT 100, and 3rd at the 2017 Western States. Her goals for 2019 include returning to HURT to improve on her 3rd place finish last year, as well as returning to Hardrock 100 for a repeat victory. Avery, Sabrina, and their dog Sable roam from mountain to mountain town depending on which one strikes their fancy that week. When she’s not busy dominating races or bagging mountain peaks during training, she can be found coaching other runners and perpetually working on race reports she should of finished months ago. In her own words: “I started using PurePower’s line of supplements when I was training for the 2018 Hardrock 100. I logged 100 – 140 miles a week for months on end. Never before had I put in that kind of mileage. Going into Hardrock 100 I was 100% injury free. I don’t think that would have been possible without PurePower as a part of my daily routine.”

Robert Killian

While being a proud father, husband, and veteran, Robert Killian is a force to be reckoned with in the US and international OCR worlds. He’s an Ironman and Spartan World Champion and Million Dollar Mile defender. This man’s genuine heart shines through in his love for his family (including his extended military family) and in his huge smile that’s impossible for him to hide even while enduring obstacles on training and race days.

Robert strives to be a light for others and an example of how to remain committed to the pursuit of achievement while learning from failure. He’ll be the first to say that there’s no quick fix in life or in racing. Clear values, time management, focused effort, grit, and perseverance are his guiding principles. Life is full of big ups and downs, but Robert’s character and actions show us how a strong mindset and positive attitude can help us navigate the ebbs and flows that can easily hold us back from realizing our highest potential.

Robert is an absolute powerhouse. He works hard, stays humble, and remains dedicated to a clear purpose and vision for his life. For all those reasons and more, he’s a perfect fit for our growing PurePower family.

Rose Wetzel

Rose Wetzel operates on all cylinders. She’s a full-time Elite Spartan, Ninja Warrior, professional trainer, wife and now a mother to a young daughter. Coming off a long history of athletic achievement, she and her husband Tim started a family knowing she’d have to dig deeper and work harder to accomplish even more in OCR also juggling being a mom. So she uses her role as a mother to push herself even further than before and to be a light to motivate her daughter and others to reach their highest potential.

She believes part of her life’s purpose is to support and inspire others to continually improve their health, fitness, and mental and emotional well-being. Motivated to help end the stigma around mental illness, Rose uses her platform to increase awareness that mental health affects loved ones all around us…even those that may not be open about their struggles.

Rose is gratified knowing she’s able to encourage and empower others to accomplish their goals, especially young women struggling with confidence in today’s society. Which is why Rose is such an amazing and impactful addition to our PurePower family.