How to Boost Your Summer Energy Levels – Top 6 Tips!

In the thick of summer, rising heat and humidity can make it hard to keep energy levels high. With the sun beating down, it’s easy to become dehydrated, making you feel sluggish from the inside out. 

Of course, for most areas – summer is the best season to enjoy the great outdoors, especially when you’re taking more time off work or keeping the kids busy. So, what are some ways you can combat the summer drag of low energy levels? 

Keep reading for six simple energy tips for summer you can implement into your daily routines to boost energy and improve health and wellness. 


#1 – Ditch the AM Coffee 

You might be thinking… wait, won’t coffee boost my energy levels in the AM? Of course, we all know how caffeine works, but coffee isn’t so sustainable for maintaining energy throughout the day. But according to 2013 research, when you drink a cup of coffee first thing in the morning, it can actually deplete your natural energy levels. Instead, ditch the early caffeine and try something more hydrating, like iced water with lemon or a smoothie. 


#2 – Eat Smaller Meals 

Do you know that heavy feeling you feel after a big meal or heavy snack? It’s not just you. In fact, it can get even worse in the summer and during periods of high heat. In hot weather, when eating big meals or oily foods, your internal body temperature increases to try to burn off the calorie excess. To increase energy levels for the summer, eat smaller, light meals that are nutrient-dense. 


#3 – Stay Hydrated 

As we mentioned, dehydration is one of the biggest energy killers of the summer season. That means, making sure you stay hydrated with plenty of H2O is a simple way to combat and prevent feeling sluggish. Make the investment in a quality refillable water bottle to take with you on the go, or snack on water-rich foods like watermelon, celery, mango, or cucumbers to further supplement hydration. 


#4 – Add Supplements

Vitamins, herbs, and even hemp can also be beneficial for regulating and modulating your energy levels. For instance, vitamins B and especially B12, are natural energy producers, as are herbs like Ashwagandha. Even more phytocannabinoids like CBD and other natural hemp compounds interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which influences the internal sleep and wake cycle. To infuse these natural compounds into your energy wellness routines seamlessly, seek out supplements like Power Up Capsules or Daily Boost CBD oil that offer a wide array of energy-boosting ingredients in one serving. 


#5 – Sleep Soundly 

Sleeping soundly and getting a full night of good rest is the key to maintaining energy levels once you awake. Experts recommend getting anywhere from 6-8 hours of sleep to feel your best and have optimal levels of energy to fuel your day. In the summer, sleep may be disrupted by vacations, late nights out, or uncomfortable conditions from the heat. To help, try turning down the lights earlier than usual, and supplementing your bedtime routine with sleepy tea, or CBD. In contrast to Pure Power’s Power Up capsules, Power Down capsules are specially formulated with natural herbs, vitamins, and extracts to help you wind down, relax, and sleep better, naturally. 


#6 – Exercise Regularly 

In the summer heat, it can be hard to maintain your regular exercise routine like hiking or biking outdoors. Especially when exercising in the heat can cause dehydration, heat stroke, or headaches. Since activity outdoors can add to the depletion of energy levels, it may be time to switch up your activities to still get moving and get your blood flowing. Try taking your workout indoors, signing up for an air-conditioned gym membership, or practicing yoga or aerobics indoors. Swimming or cooling morning jogs are also good ways to enjoy the great outdoors and pump up energy without overheating. 


#7 – Reduce Alcohol Intake 

We know, we know – we all love our fruity summertime drinks and seltzers. However, consuming alcohol can lead to sedative and drowsy effects. Not to mention, if you’re drinking outdoors in the heat, you’re sure to zap your natural levels of energy, whether you’re having fun or not. Luckily, California-sober lifestyles and sober communities are rising in popularity, which means non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails are trending now more than ever. Next time you’re at a social event, bring your own, or when you’re out, ask the bar or restaurant if they’re serving mocktails yet. 


Pure Power Up your Summer

With these energy tips for summer, you can enjoy all that nature has to show off throughout the seasons – especially the radiance of summer. At Pure Power, we’re all about harnessing the earth’s own natural medicine to feel your best. 

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