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Whether you’re looking for an energy boost, a much-needed recovery or a little R & R, we’ve got your back with a full lineup of Performance Hemp™ and complementary, synergistic herbal extracts from some of the most powerful plants on the planet.

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To us, life isn’t just about taking great care of yourself, it’s about giving our best to others and the world around us. But we need to feel at our best to give our best.

That’s what it’s all about.

That’s why we created PurePower.

And we’re here to help you live your best life.

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PurePower: It’s about much more
than just hemp

Using a variety of plants to synergistically feed the body at the cellular level naturally leads to next level performance. Taking our Daily Boost Performance Hemp™ along with our other proprietary formulations delivers in spades, enhancing and magnifying the impacts of the most powerful plants on the planet.

What athletes, executives and everyday heroes are saying about PurePower:

  • I started using PurePower when I was training for the 2018 Hardrock 100. I logged 100 - 140 miles a week for months on end. Never before had I put in that kind of mileage. Going into Hardrock 100 I was 100% injury free. I don’t think that would have been possible without PurePower as a part of my daily routine.

    Sabrina Stanley Ultra endurance trail runner; women’s winner of 2018 Hardrock 100 and Orcas Island 50 (course record holder)
  • The Ferrari of all hemp products...their oil extract and formulations are unlike any others on the market. Kudos to the Pure Power team for going the extra mile to build a superior product.

    Jeff T Chief Growth Officer
  • PurePower plays an instrumental role in allowing my body to recover and recharge day after day for these big days in the mountains.

    Avery Collins Ultra endurance trail runner; ranked 9th in the world among men in 2017, men’s winner of the HURT 100, Georgia Death Race, Grindstone 100, and Continental Divide 50K
  • I love PurePower for the synergy of their unique botanical formulas combined with ultra pure, high-quality hemp. Great for athletes and high performers.

    Dr. Mark Testa Stem cell therapy expert, high performance coach, and host of DocTesta’s Be Your Own Doctor series on Facebook
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pure power botanicals performance hemp products and rodale institute

Profits for purpose
& the PurePower mission

We believe capitalism can be a powerful tool for positive change. PurePower is founded on this belief, and as such, we dedicate a portion of all sales to support social causes that align with PurePower’s mission. In particular, we support veterans in healing through adaptive sports and outdoor adventure. Through the Rodale Institute, we also support the study of hemp’s role in regenerative agriculture through soil restoration and reducing the use of harmful chemicals in farming.

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