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Part of our mission here at PurePower is to aid and assist professional athletes elevate their training and crush their competition goals. We’re so proud to help power them along the way to success.

BUT PurePower is most definitely NOT just for pro athletes.

Our founder, Don McLaughlin is now an ultra endurance athlete, competing in grueling ultra trail and adventure races that test mind and body in unimaginable ways.

But he wasn’t always running ultras.

After hitting rock bottom in his mid-40s, Don rebooted his health and resilience by incorporating hemp and powerful botanicals into his diet and by adopting a series of daily practices. Through these changes he discovered just what the mind and body are capable of, and completed a 36 hour, 100 mile race on the Colorado Continental Divide at age 46!

PurePower is named after the untapped and innate power within all of us that, given the stress and demands of modern life, often seems unattainable. This is why our motto is Find Yours.

So we want to aid and assist EVERYONE, not just pro athletes, to find their PurePower.

We utilize mother nature’s most powerful gifts to help you tap unimaginable reserves of energy and resilience. It’s all inside you, and we believe PurePower helps you tap those reserves of energy and resilience unlike anything we’ve ever discovered.

If you found your PurePower, what could you accomplish? Summit that mountain on your bucket list? Finish your first marathon? Keep up with your kids on the slopes? Or simply living every hour of your day with greater alignment and purpose?

It’s within all of us to enjoy every ounce of life we’re given. We just have to claim it and set our minds to realize it.

Listen how PurePower is helping one of our early fans tap into “an ultra-endurance mentality” and not only make it to yoga more often, but also approach her life with peace and calm rather than stress and exhaustion.

Hey Team Pure Power – I am a believer!

I can’t recall anyone ever accusing me of a lack of energy.  I have always squeezed a lot into my day.

But this year as I turned the page on  50, I was feeling more easily fatigued late in the day, especially as New England encountered many cold rainy days that required more of an effort to get outside.

I am no ultra-endurance athlete, but I’d like to think I am a strong representative for the “average Joe moms” out there!   I work part-time in a sometimes high stress role, run our household, and commit my non work days to volunteer in a variety of areas.

My life and where I choose to spend my time regularly requires an ultra-endurance mentality, stamina and ability to re-boot on a continuous basis all day to meet the competing priorities of my day.  Pure Power is supporting my overall well-being, and genuine desire and propensity for squeezing a lot of life into each day!

In this past month of December especially I have experienced a greater “peace  & calm” overall and maintained a more balanced and relaxed mindset during a month that is historically laden with sheer exhaustion, preparing for the holidays on top of the usual family schedule that is involved with raising three active teenage daughters and working outside the home.  

  • I’m waking up before my alarm at 530.  There is no need to snooze as I feel quite rested.
  • Increased yoga practice. I’ve made an effort to commit to 2 classes per week vs. once every 2-3    weeks.  I have the desire and energy to be there.
  • I have energy into the evening and I’m not crawling into bed dog-tired @10pm.

Note: I don’t plan to take a week off before I begin month 3. I did take note of the sluggishness later afternoons when I did.

-Moira Keating

Although Moira dubs herself as a representative of an “average Joe mom”, there is nothing average about seamlessly balancing life, kids, career, fitness, and everything else in between. She’s found her PurePower and it’s showing in all the little facets of her life.

It’s never too late to tap into your PurePower!

Find Yours.


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