Do I need a prescription to buy your products?

You do not need a prescription to buy PurePower products, which are considered over-the-counter nutritional supplements. However, as with any supplement, we recommend you discuss with your [...]

What’s the best way to take your products?

Our products should be taken as recommended on each product label. For optimal results, however, we do recommend taking our DailyBoost at the same time you take any of our other formulated [...]

How will your products make me feel?

Our products have been created to support our customers in their efforts to enhance their health, wellness and performance. As with every nutritional supplement, individual results with products [...]

How do cannabinoids affect the body?

Please see our Learn page here for a detailed discussion of how cannabinoids interact with your ECS.

Quality assurance and testing

PurePower is obsessed with quality and transparency, which is why our products are batch-tested by an independent third party lab. The ingredients, including our Performance Hemp™, are tested [...]