Do you wake up feeling groggy most days?

groggyWhat does your current morning routine look like? 

The alarm goes off, what next? Do you wake up groggy, dragging your feet to your coffee pot or do you get out of bed feeling alert and well-rested?

Chances are, you’re like most everyone else these days, sluggish and desperate for caffeine like we used to be before we discovered the power of hemp-CBD when combined with the other botanical adaptogens found in our Daily Boost and PowerUp performance bundle. Without them, we used to drag ourselves out of bed and reach for the coffee first thing. Sure, maybe a cup or two – or three – might work, but then, we would crash or feel groggy halfway through the day. Can you relate?

In the midst of recovering from significant challenges in our own lives, we discovered a huge surge in power and endurance from combining the highest-quality hemp CBD with some other herbs and botanicals. We had to share what we discovered. So for months, we worked with an expert herbalist and formulator to create Daily Boost and PowerUp to naturally boost energy and endurance. 

Daily Boost consists of our ultra-pure and potent Pristine Hemp-CBD delivered in liposomal liquid form for maximum absorption and activation of your body’s endocannabinoid system. PowerUp is the result of combining our Pristine Hemp with the unique, synergistic mix of herbs and botanical adaptogens found in our Inside-Out Energy Complex™, which elevates and optimizes energy for sustained performance and endurance. Taking our Daily Boost and PowerUp performance bundle enables you to be productive and high-performing throughout your day. Not just during your morning coffee buzz.

FAQ: When do I take it? 

PurePower’s raving fans report the best results when they take 3 pumps of Daily Boost and 2 capsules of PowerUp within 30 minutes of waking. Many PurePower clients put Daily Boost and PowerUp on or near their bathroom sink as a reminder to take it first thing in the morning.

FAQ: What will I feel? 

Clean and sustained energy. Mental focus, clarity, and physical stamina. Much like the Energizer bunny. Just read this raving review from a verified customer, Avery:

“Clean and sustainable energy. Seriously, that about sums it up. Since using Daily Boost and PowerUp I have cut back on my coffee intake by at least 50%. The products allow me to get after it day after day. Daily Boost and PowerUp allow you to take away the groggy feeling in the morning, and is great not only for everyone but especially for all endurance athletes alike!”

Alternative testimony: I am a 50-year-old yogi mama and I love the strength I get from the Power Up when I practice yoga.  I took a 75-minute class this morning, one of the most physical yoga teachers that I practice with (which I why I save his class for Friday)…and I kicked it!!!  Super Me!!!

I have been trying on many different hemp CBDs and they are NOT all created equal…that is for sure!  I love the chocolate flavor in the morning…actually look forward to my 3 pumps.

The PurePower Guarantee: Try it and if you don’t feel a difference, it’s money back time. There’s no risk.