Customer Testimonial – Mackenzie Anders

Despite being health-conscious – getting plenty of exercise trail running in her native Indiana, eating right, drinking plenty of water – Mackenzie Anders had always had trouble sleeping. She’d tried herbal teas and other supplements but they hadn’t worked well, giving her nightmares and leaving her feeling groggy. She’d also had periods of struggling with her mental health, experiencing feelings of worry and stress that were hard to shake. 

Best CBD bundle for sleep

Then Mackenzie heard about Pure Power through her trail-running network. “It seemed new and different, and a lot of people I trusted had good things to say about it, so I thought I’d try it. The first morning after I took Power Down, I woke up just ready to go and in a really good mood.”

Now Mackenzie has been incorporating Power Down and Daily Boost into her daily routine for over two years. For her, what really makes PurePower stand out is the fact that it’s not just CBD, but also has a complementary blend of herbs and minerals. “I love that I can take that and get all the benefits without having to take a million other supplements.”

And has taking PurePower helped Mackenzie’s sleep and performance as an athlete? 

“With Power Down, I definitely see a difference in my sleep quality. If there’s a night where I just need to fall asleep, where all the thoughts are rushing around my head, I know I can take Power Down and it will always help. I take Daily Boost before a long run or a hard workout, or definitely a race. It just gets you into that zone – not the pressure zone, where you’re putting so much pressure on yourself. It’s more like flow – that’s the best way to describe it.”

Watch Mackenzie’s chat with Don below.