Does CBD reduce discomfort?

CBD & Mental Health

Does CBD Oil Help with Anxiety?

In this post, we will explore what anxiety feels like in the body and how CBD Oil may help alleviate many anxiety-related symptoms. What is Anxiety? Anxiety can be summed up as restlessness and [...]

Here’s the problem with most CBD products…

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Wednesday Wisdom- Letting Go

How Hemp-Derived CBD Helped Lift Me From Rock Bottom

Founder, Don McLaughlin, shares the story about how hemp-derived CBD and these powerful plant extracts helped pull himself from the pits of anxiety and depression to discovering a newfound [...]

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Hemp extract and CBD aren't just for athletes. These potent plants enable you to find your own PurePower.

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Learn about the history of this “Supershroom” and why athletes are using it.

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PurePower founder Don McLaughlin's mid-life journey from burned out entrepreneur to 100M endurance trail runner.