Is Intermittent Fasting For Me?

Find out what’s behind this on-/off-approach to eating, whether you should try it, and how it works. Intermittent fasting is a cycle of eating (and not eating). It involves restricting when you [...]

Can CBD help you lose weight?

Fab diets are like trends that come and go, entered into history by pseudo-science and the desperate human want to look good. Many of these diets ignore the human need to feel good, and, because [...]

Is CBD a good anti-inflammatory?

CBD is known for its wonderful health benefits, including maintaining brain health, protection against bone disease, and the ever-popular use for pain management. The short answer to the [...]

How Deep Breathing Benefits Athletes

Use these breathing techniques to boost speed and extend endurance.   Breathing is at the center of everything we do. But we often overlook it as an automatic function. Many of us have been [...]

Performance CBD™

Learn more about how PurePower Botanicals got started and why we've dedicated our lives to spreading the word about hemp derived CBD and these powerful plant medicines.

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