Can hemp help you lose weight?

Fab diets are like trends that come and go, entered into history by pseudo-science and the desperate human want to look good. Many of these diets ignore the human need to feel good, and, because of this, many of the diets fail. Some are even dangerous and unhealthy. In recent years, a new solution has been ascending to the light: CBD, or, Cannabidiol.

CBD specifically helps the body convert white fat into weight-reducing brown fat, by promoting insulin production and sugar metabolism. There are also plenty of other effects CBD has on the body that promote wellness, strengthen the ability to exercise, and manage pain. These effects encourage and support a healthy lifestyle and the popular goal to lose excess weight.

CBD & Weight Loss

CBD is the most studied cannabis compound today, next to THC. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties. Meaning, it doesn’t get you high, nor does it increase your appetite like the colloquial “munchies” you get from THC. Today, we know CBD promotes weight loss, due to numerous effects CBD has on the body.

Right, so how did the discovery happen?

A 2017 study found that weight loss was a common side effect when CBD was used to treat seizures in people. The same study showed that CBD reduced food intake and weight gain when given to rats.

As more and more studies surrounding CBD examine its health benefits, doctors have been noticing trends in their patients’ experiences using full spectrum (whole plant) CBD. Many of their patients have experienced weight loss organically while consistently using CBD.  

Contrary to most weight loss supplements, CBD oil is safe to use with few to no side effects, and absolutely none of the effects are harmful. Doctors agree that CBD is so safe that even children have been prescribed CBD.

CBD & Metabolism

On a FAQ page regarding CBD and weight loss, Farma Health, states, “Humans have two kinds of fat tissue in our bodies. White fat and brown fat.”

White fat is the fat that is under our skin and around our organs. Excess white fat leads to stroke, insulin resistance, and heart disease. Brown fat ramps up our metabolism and keeps our body temperature stable. CBD has been proven to be able to help turn white fat into brown fat.

Farma Health’s page also provides an expert’s thoughts. Dr. Stuart Titus, a 10-year veteran of the cannabis industry and CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc. shared this about CBD’s role in weight loss and metabolism:

“One of the things CBD does is help to regulate the body’s digestive prosthesis as well as metabolism.

It certainly is able to simulate the path of certain liver cells which helps people to potentially lose weight or suppress appetite if they’re overweight. Or if they’re anorexic it helps people bring back their normal appetite.

Basically, it regulates what’s called homeostasis for the overall natural balance within the human body.”

CBD & The Psychological Weight

Now, weight loss does not come easily to a lot of people. A large percentage of Americans are struggling with obesity, time management, and stress factors that are hindering our ability to sustainably stick to a healthy lifestyle. Most of us know that we won’t lose weight by simply getting on a treadmill. There needs to be a sense of wellness built around our dieting, which means we need to be able to lessen the psychological weight of slimming down.

Anxiety is both a cause and a result of not exercising. A lot of patients dealing with mental health issues feel heavy, sluggish, and unmotivated. Which makes exercising a harder task to take on in the depths of despair.

CBD is known to improve your mood. A consistent dosage of CBD has been shown to drastically reduce symptoms of anxiety, which results in a happier, lighter outlook on life. The mood-boosting effects of CBD alone will encourage you to get outside and active.

PurePower CBD Oil

Here at PurePower, we believe in the all-natural hemp wellness of CBD. We also encourage a healthy lifestyle around the use of our products. Overall, CBD oil is an amazing alternative to the often-negative side effects of weight-loss supplements.

So, whether you’re looking for an energy boost to support your workouts, or a mood-booster to get you outside, CBD can help. PurePower is here to support you on your journey to enjoying life at its best.