A Beginner’s Guide to Pet CBD Benefits

Did you know that nearly one in four dogs suffers from arthritis? Or, that nearly 60% of all dogs show some type of sign or symptom of achy joints? Or, that it’s estimated by the American Kennel Club (AKC) that nearly 14% of all dogs have symptoms of anxiety? 

It’s not likely you’re hip to all the stats on pets’ health, but you may be aware of how CBD can help with these common types of ailments that humans suffer from, too.  But now, with increased research and consumer use, we’re finding out that pet CBD benefits can be just as influential for your furry friends as it is for you. 

If you’re new to the world of CBD products for pets, this is the ultimate guide for you. Here, we’ll dive deep into the latest CBD for pets research, and how pet CBD products can benefit your pet’s overall health and wellness. 

How Does CBD Work for Pets? 

Pets – they’re just like us. Or, at least they are in the fact that they too have an endocannabinoid system that helps regulate physiological functions and processes. Just like humans, the ECS in pets is made up of a network of receptors that’s responsible for sending messages throughout the body to maintain homeostasis or optimal health. 

CBD can bind to, activate, interact with, and inhibit these receptors, making its individual effects felt. Through research, CBD is proving to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relieving), anxiolytic, and antioxidant traits. That means when consuming CBD these effects can begin to influence varying systems and everyday functions like – 

  • The cardiovascular system
  • The digestive system
  • Mood and appetite 
  • Sleep and wake cycle 
  • Amongst others

Now, let’s move on to more definitive CBD for pets research to find out more on what experts know, thus far. 

CBD for Pets Research – All the Latest  

Unfortunately, because CBD wasn’t legalized until 2018 the medical industry is far behind in research – for humans, and pets. So far, through anecdotal evidence and actual consumer use, we know that CBD’s unique effects are capable of reducing stress and anxiety, inflammation and pain, and improving sleep for humans. In addition, CBD is approved by the FDA as a treatment for seizures with the medication, Epidiolex. 

In theory, these benefits should be the same for pets since they have the same endocannabinoid system. As we wait for clinical research to catch up, we know through the increased, safe use of CBD, pet owners are finding this to be a reality, too. With that said, here’s a breakdown of what has been proven about pet CBD products. 

Pet CBD Benefits for Arthritis 

Being naturally anti-inflammatory allows CBD to show promise for treating arthritis in pets. In fact, a recent 2018 study proved CBD was effective at relieving symptoms of Osteoarthritis in dogs when given a specific CBD pet dosage, twice daily.

Pet CBD Benefits for Pain 

Arthritis, aging, and other common conditions can cause pets a great deal of pain and soreness. Unfortunately, thus far no definitive research has been conducted on CBD for pet pain, but we do have data to reference from pet owners themselves. A recent American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association survey showed that pet owners noted CBD is the most effective at relieving pain and improving sleep when administering it to their own pets. 

Pet CBD Benefits for Seizures 

Dogs and pets often suffer from seizures just like humans. So, after the FDA approved cannabidiol as a prescribed medication for epileptic seizures, researchers quickly set out to see if the benefit was the same for dogs. One study that’s been published so far, reported a ‘significant reduction’ in the frequency of seizures after CBD was administered to a variety of dog breeds. 

Pet CBD Benefits for Anxiety 

Like pain, there is very little conclusive evidence that confirms CBD oil for pet anxiety works. But when looking at the evidence for humans, experts believe CBD’s anxiolytic effects should work the same for pets. This information is enough for many pet owners, who already administer CBD pet dosages to relieve anxiety in pets, especially during thunderstorms or fireworks when stress runs higher than normal. 

Beyond the studies we just discussed, other small-scale studies and real-time consumer use shows that pet CBD benefits may also include – 

  • Nausea relief 
  • Stimulating the appetite 
  • Inhibiting tumor growth 
  • Aiding cancer side effects
  • Treating skin conditions, fungal and bacterial infections 
  • Fungal and bacterial infections
  • Improving Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) symptoms
  • Reducing behavioral issues 

Finding the Best Pet CBD Products 

If you’ve taken CBD yourself, you know it’s crucial to find a brand that you can trust for effective, consistent results. The same goes for CBD products for pets. You love your furry friends like family, so it’s best to treat them to the same high-quality pet CBD products you know can deliver results. 

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