5 Benefits of a Healthy Relationship – Boost your Mood & Health!

The more you learn about life hacks for a healthy, happy life, the more you can put them to good use in your own life and model for those you love. In addition to taking care of your physical health with wellness routines and habits, did you know your emotional and personal relationships directly affect your health too? That’s right! Over the years, numerous studies have found that strong, healthy relationships can actually improve your wellbeing, performance, and longevity!

How? We’ll answer that question next with everything you need to know about the top benefits of cultivating healthy relationships. 

A Healthy Strong Relationship – The Definition 

Before we get into the benefits of nurturing healthy strong relationships, let’s understand what exactly that entails. Whether with your friends, family, or significant others, there’s a few telltale signs of healthy relationships, including – 

  • Healthy communication
  • Support 
  • Listening without judgment or opinion
  • Making time for one another 
  • Working collaboratively 
  • Trusting and respecting one another 
  • Equality
  • Honesty and understanding 

In fact research shows that healthy social relationships aren’t just optimal for short-term health, but long-term health too. In 2010, in a review of over 145 studies, researchers found that people in healthy, long-term relationships were 50% less likely to die prematurely than those without.  

The Top 5 Benefits of Strong Healthy Relationships 

Now that you know what a strong, healthy relationship looks like and its long-term effects, let’s get into the benefits you’ll notice day-to-day. 

#1 – Less stress 

This may go without saying, but the number one benefit of healthy relationships is reducing stress in your life. Stress not only wrecks havoc on your mental and emotional health but can negatively affect your physical wellbeing too. It’s been shown through research that being in a healthy and committed relationship actually leads to less production of the stress hormone, cortisol. In addition to taxing you mentally, cortisol can also increase your heart rate and blood pressure

#2 – Boost confidence 

Feeling supported through healthy, strong relationships is a surefire way to boost your levels of confidence. Because there’s nothing like feeling loved and appreciated to make you feel like you’re on top of the world! 

#3 – Healthier habits 

It’s much easier to maintain healthy habits when you have strong, healthy relationships in your life that help or encourage you to do so. For instance, if your partner, friends, or loved ones are regularly active and eat healthy, it’s more likely that you will too. Hence the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded friends and family to support you in your journey toward improved health and sustained high performance. 

#4 – Happier moods

Another obvious benefit of a healthy relationship is reduced loneliness and happier moods. When you have strong, healthy support around you, you’ll feel more comfortable being yourself and showing up at your best. Loneliness and isolation can be extremely taxing for one’s mental health, which underscores the importance of cultivating a crew of strong friends, family, and loved ones that you can support and surround yourself with. 

#5 – Improved sense of purpose 

If you feel happier, have a higher level of confidence, less stress, and are improving your health, you’ll be amazed by the improvement you’ll experience in your overall sense of purpose! Similar to the study showing that strong relationships can lengthen life spans, other research shows a strong sense of purpose will also do the same. 

Boost Your Well-Being with Healthy Habits and PurePower’s Super Herbs 

Now that you know more about the importance of positive relationships and their impact on your health, it’s time to start nurturing your own to improve your overall well-being. At PurePower, we’re not just about improving your physical health with premium plant-based wellness, but your mental and emotional health too. That’s why we’ll be continuing our series on our healthy habits to show you that “tiny changes can produce remarkable results.” 

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