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Modern life threatens long-term health and high performance.
Fortify your defenses and tap into your full potential with PurePower's comprehensive hemp-derived CBD and super herb formulations with hemp for energy, stress & anxiety, improved mobility and sleep.

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Best CBD for overall high performance and accelerated recovery

The PurePower System

A complete package to support the fundamentals of health and wellness.

Best CBD for energy and boosting the endocannabinoid system

Balance for the Body

Activate your receptors.

Best CBD for energy


Clean, sustainable energy for the long haul.

Best CBD for inflammation


Tame your pain.

Best CBD for sleep


Sleep deeply. Wake rested.

Verified Customer Reviews


I’ve lived with severe sciatica for years, and have tried about every type of treatment possible. This formulation has finally given me relief so that I can enjoy life more fully. Thank you!

-Jennifer M.


I wouldn’t be where I am today without PurePower.

-Robert Killian, 2x Spartan World Champion (2015 & 2019)


The PurePower System has helped me enormously. I have been hitting ambitious training goals that had eluded me for 6+ months. The System is high impact help, and I love it.

- Terence S.


PurePower is a game changer for me with my sleep, energy, mood and recovery.

-Timothy Allen Olson, 2x Western States 100M Winner


Breaking personal records almost daily, and being able to train daily. But most importantly I am able to remain calm and stress free in situations I could not image. Thank you so much!!!!

- Claudi C.


I credit PurePower so much for the injury-free training and recovery leading to my HardRock 100M victory.

-Sabrina Stanley, Hardrock 100M Winner and 1st American Grand Raid Winner


I have been sold since first trying PurePower’s products. They provide focus, clarity and calm, and I love Reboot for recovery. I have tried many hemp/CBD products and PurePower is definitely the top.

- Riley S.


Been taking over-the-counter sleep aids for years (and some prescription meds as well) and Power Down has eliminated both! I feel less groggy in the morning and have more energy in my day in combo with Daily Boost.

- Deborah K.

PurePower: It’s about much more
than just hemp

Using a variety of plants to synergistically feed the body at the cellular level naturally leads to next level performance. Taking our Daily Boost along with our other proprietary formulations delivers in spades, enhancing and magnifying the impacts of the most powerful plants on the planet.

Here is our PurePower story…